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1st Wine Exposition
Historical En-Primeur 2015 MasterClass

May 2016

1st Pre-Arrival Grand Vintage SALE
1st Wine Ex-Chateau Pre-Arrival Order Form
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1st Release En-Primeur 2015
2015 En-Primeur 1st Release Order Form

For the generosity of clients, wine lovers, sommeliers, and industry leaders, thank you for making this inaugural Wine Exposition a galvanising success.

Featuring benchmark labels and over 80 vintage wines, chateau & domain proprietors, represented producers, negociants and aficionados had great joy sharing the thriving network. Meanwhile, the 1st En-Primeur MasterClass (Vintage 2015) came into being. All of you are witnesses to this milestone.

In appreciation, we are extending the amazing 33 span Pre-Arrival and “Ex-Chateau” offer, including wines of the Masterclasses and Grand Gala Dinner.

Highlighting stellar wines from the 80s, including numerous amazing values from benchmark vintages 1990 and 2005 vintages, many released directly from reserve stocks, with gratitude from Chateau owners and producers.

1st Pre-Arrival Grand Vintage SALE
Over 160 wines, spanning 33 vintages, many up to 48% Discount
From the Great Classified Growth to Rarest Cult Beauties

1st Bordeaux 2015 En-Primeur Offer
With participants of the Historical Bordeaux 2015 MasterClass
Co-hosts : Annabelle Denis (Fieuzal) & Thomas Soubes (La Gaffeliere)

Grand Gala Dinner
The Grand Finale of the 8-hour Inaugural Wine Exposition,
Exquisite 6-course cantonese menu pairing with benchmark 12 wines plus 2 Magnums.

For more details, and payment, please contact (65) 6438 9983 or email

Debra Meiburg MW Meets the Winemaker 137: Bertrand Sourdais, Domaine de Pallus

4 Sept 2012 

Debra catches up with Bertrand Sourdais of Domaine de Pallus, located in the Loire Valley in France. They discuss the winery’s specific location in Chinon, a very small appellation of about 2,200ha in the North of France between Bordeaux and Paris, the strengths of the region and the “sweetness” of the climate. They discuss Bertrand’s other passion – music, with Debra asking how he came to be a “rock star” in an international band, and how his music and winemaking relate.

They discuss how a winemaker’s personality comes through a wine, and conclude with a detailed discussion on the various food matches for Chinon. Please click on the link below for more details on the interview.

Two exceptional producers Chateau de St Cosme and Willakenzie

( featured in Wine Spectator Insider Dec 26, 2012 )

The very best wines of this cycle are a reflection of both standout vintages in exceptional terroirs and innovators in the wine scene hitting their stride. ……..Louis Barruol at Château de St.-Cosme in Gigondas …… produced the highest-scoring wines in this report, at 99 points: the Gigondas Le Poste 2010…….. Eight wines came in strong at 98 points: another from St.-Cosme……

For the full story please click here Wine Spectator Insider Dec 26 2012


Chateau de Saint-Cosme sweeps the highest honours !!!

featured in Wine Spectator Insider Aug. 8, 2012 )

Château de St.-Cosme
Gigondas 2010
95 points |  3,330 cases made | Red

For the video review by James Molesworth (WS), please click on the following link :
#2 Wine in 2012 Chateau St Cosme Gigondas 2010

Château de St.-Cosme
Gigondas Le Poste 2010
99 points | 123 cases made | Red

Château de St.-Cosme
Gigondas Le Claux 2010
98 points | 250 cases made | Red

Château de St.-Cosme
Gigondas Hominis Fides 2010
97 points | 208 cases made | Red

Château de St.-Cosme
Gigondas Valbelle 2010
97 points | 708 cases made | Red


Dancing with Lucy at SICC

Our Warrenmang wines are once again featured in the Dancing with Lucy event at Singapore Island Country Club on November 2011.  Both our Warrenmang Bazzani (Unwooded) Chardonnay 2009 and Warrenmang Bazzani Shiraz Cabernet 2006 wines were featured at the event.

For the full story please click on the following link Warrenmang Wines at “Dancing with Lucy ” Event -  Nov 2011

Château de St.-Cosme Gigondas Valbelle 2009 -
Wine Spectator TOP 10 in 2011 !!

In 2009, proprietor Louis Barruol cofermented Grenache with 10 percent Syrah in cement vats before aging this wine in a range of used barrels. The fruit is sourced from 80-year-old vines in five vineyards. The 2009 vintage began with a devastating spring hailstorm that reduced buds and, ultimately, yields, by 50 percent. Hot, dry weather followed, and the remaining grapes ripened fully with additional concentration and tannins. As a result, the wine delivers noticeable power and structure, ideal for cellaring. WS 94.

We at Bar a Vin are proud to have Chateau St Cosme as our agency and would like to offer this exquisite wine at S$ 150/bottle (only limited quantities are available).

Chateau St Cosme Little James Feature – Sept 2011

A privilege to share wines with Jean Francois, owner of Petrus

(Date : 25th September 2011 by Kris Tan)

Some friends decided to share a few bottles of wine with Jean Francois, the owner of the famed Petrus vineyards. It’s amazing that such a talented gentleman who is actually in his mid-20s is now running this wonderful estate. We look forward to sharing more good wines with him.


Finder Editorial – Sept 2011



Appetite Magazine July 2011


Chateau St Cosme Wine Dinner – Islander Sept 2011


Singaporeans willing to pay top dollar for large format wines of investment grade quality

(Date : 7th July 2011 by Morgane Muller)

Source of Pictures: Internet

Some recent extravagant purchases in wine business in Singapore have pointed out a new trend : people are increasingly more willing to spend thousands of dollars for a special bottle of wine.

This was the case of  Buyan Russian Haute-Cusine and Caviar bar in Duxton Hill’s that broke the world-record when it paid $53 000 (30 000€) just for one bottle of 1841 Veuve Clicquot champagne. This new striking trend can be explained by two main reasons.  At Bar A Vin (, a retail wine shop and wine lounge, our most expensive wine currently is a Petrus 1961 magnum that is valued at S$ 68,000.

There are two observable reasons why Singaporeans are spending more on wines. Firstly, Singaporean culinary habits have changed for the last few years. Nowadays people tend to prefer quality rather than quantity. They are taking into account many different factors concerning the wine itself (vintage, grapes quality) as well as the production and agricultural process (e.g. biodynamic methods).  People are also more and more looking for prestige, and merchants and restaurants are taking into account this change to meet customers’ expectations.

The second reason is investment. Wine is nowadays considered as a real investment. People paying thousands of dollars for a special bottle of wine are expecting to get more from the same bottle.  According to wine collectors, values of special wine bottles can double or triple in few years.  That can explain why Singaporeans are so willing to pay that much for a single bottle. What matters in the end for investors is the return on investment at the end of the day.

It was reported in Straits Times on July 3, 2011 that avid wine collector Tania Sim, 41 whose two year collection is estimated worth to be S$ 800,000 said she didn’t mind paying a bit more for “limited edition” bottles because of the investment value.   She believes that the value of the wines can double or triple if kept carefully.  Another wine collector, Alvin Wong, 50 usually snaps up two bottles at one go.  The highest he has paid is nearly $ 16,000 per bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti.

Our customers at Bar A Vin constantly seek us out for the finest wines and rarest wines available globally.  Edward Chew, a principal of Bar A Vin has sold assorted cases of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti for over $ 30,000.  These wines have since appreciated substantially, earning a very favourable return for the investor.



Fine Wine – A Self Actualising Investment

(Date: 14 January 2004 by Edward Chew)

Even amongst the “nectar of the Gods”, a few bottles have attained legendary status, like the Margaux 1900, Mouton 1945, Cheval Blanc 1947, Latour 1961, Penfold Grange 1951. Acquired for not more than a few shillings/dollars when first released, they are each worth several thousand dollars. Bottles like these have provided many a connoisseur and the overwhelmingly wealthy unrivalled pleasure and excitement in a glass of such quality, such rarity and expense!

These wines in their early days are accessible. One could easily down a bottle with a group of friends over an evening meal. Potentially great wines upon release are, though very briefly, made available at a couple of hundred dollars each. Take for example a Mouton Rothschild 2000, as perfectly rated as the famed 1945. I recall it was released at under $300 a bottle about 2 years ago. Today, the very same wine trades at about $900 or say 3 times the release price! Given these realities, the appreciation of fine wines for the connoisseur and the investor is, to put it mildly – fulfilling, safe and rewarding.

How is this so? Yes, it would seem that worldwide demand for fine wines has grown rapidly in recent years. One reason is the impact of aspiring new consumers. For example, in the mid-1980s, the Japanese started a chase that drove the prices of fine burgundies up nearly 40 times. Twenty years on and yet the momentum still carries. These wines continue to reach staggering new price highs.Another is visibility. In 1999, Andrew Lloyd Webber allowed Sotheby’s to auction off part of his cellar, the market went crazy. Prices were achieved that had never before been dreamt of. Not wanting to be out done, the lure of prestige probably drove Christie’s to follow with several auction. One held at the Hyatt in Singapore, brought several millions to our private collectors.

These events aside, the surreal force reflecting the value of wine is the sensuous allure of fine wine.  Each and every bottle is unique.  The very best and finest wine develops, changes, shuts down, comes alive, adds new dimensions, goes into another phase again, and yet again!  For the connoisseur, they are so vibrantly living.  Fine wines released today are as their predecessors of 50 years ago – delicious, fascinating, affordable, even when so youthful.  Their individuality renders each wine irresistible and rarer with each bottle consumed.  Thus, even as the economy went through very trying times since September 1997, we can’t help but notice that the price of many fine wines have soared over the same period.

With China awakening, demand for fine wines is expected to intensify even more.  Our strength in financial services, logistics and emerging wine expertise would most benefit our fine wine collectors.  Prior to this, many had bought their $600 Rhone wines for $40 about 8 years back.  This is not restricted to French wines.  An Australian wine called Three Rivers retailed in Singapore for $150 in 1998.  I am told that the same bottle today changes hands for not less than $2,500.

Given the pleasures of drinking such fine wine and fresh demand boosting the already generous returns, it is hard to imagine any respite in the pursuit and fervor to buy more and more fine wines.  What makes it even more interesting is that our local retailers do have many current vintages of these fine wines which they offer as “en-premier” plus as a bonus, storage service for less than $3 per bottle per year!  As time goes on, it would be a greater dilemma for the collector to decide as to whether to drink or sell.  Yes, fine vintage wines are an undeniable pleasure as well as a liquid source of very lucrative financial returns. To self actualize it would seem, simply buy enough wines, live life to the full, sell some and you may even have more and more to spend!