Negotino, Republic of Macedonia

Bovin Winery is the first privately build winery in Macedonia. The company was established in 1998, the year when 120.000 bottles of high quality white and red wines were produced.

Bovin wines are produced 80% from grapes picked from its own vineyards and 20% from selected vine plantations with the use of environmentally friendly vineyard practices that are protected only once or twice at most during vegetation. This coupled with carefully controlled fermentation and Bovin production style with modern production equipment, makes Bovin wines among the most exclusive and highly valued wines in the Republic of Macedonia.

Approximately 70% of the production is red wine and 30% is white wine. All the wines are of high quality and are sold only in bottles of 0,75l and also some wines are bottled in 0,25l and 0,187l.

Bovin wines can be categorized in Classic, Superior, Premium and Dessert wines. Classic red wines are the varietals Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and the blends Alexandar and Venus. Classic white wines are the varietals Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, Muscat Temjanika, Traminec, Dissan White and the blend Symphony. Classic rose wine is the blend Ana Marija. Superior wines are the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon Superior, Merlot Superior, Syrah-Shiraz, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Kleopatra and the blend Daron. Premium wines are the varietals Imperator and the barrique wines Dissan Barrique, Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique and Merlot Barrique from the reds and and Chardonnay Barrique from the white wines. Dessert wines are the varietals Traminec Late Harvest a white and Vranec Late Harvest a red wine and also the blend Premier a red wine.

Besides wine, Bovin also produces 3 brandies – Bovin Natural Yellow Grape Brandy, Sv. Trifun Fine Rakija, Sv. Trifun Premium Rakija, a Cherry Brandy – Visnovka and a Wine Cooler “3”.

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