Upper Loire, Loire, France

Fournier Père et Fils began with humble origins. The family has been making wine for several generations. In the 1950, Paul Fournier took over the family’s modest 2 hectares and began expanding. Today, Fournier Père et Fils owns more than 60 hectares, which are divided among the best terroirs of the three appellations of the Loire Valley wine region: Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, and Menetou Salon. The winery is still family owned, but the majority of their business is oriented towards outside sales with around 70% of their business being international (with direct exportation to more than 40 countries).

Through organic farming practices, small grapes yields, careful sorting, selection of vineyard parcels, the natural release of juices of the grapes by gravity, and a thorough thermoregulation process, the Fournier estate produces great wines, that can be found on some best tables across the world.

This year, for example, Domaine Fournier has achieved the long deserved status as the second most popular French wine in restaurants, the 6th most popular Sauvignon Blanc and finally, most impressive, is now polling as the 48th most popular wine, period, in restaurants. For anyone who has tasted their wines, this comes as no surprise: nature, depth and complexity.
Dedication to the unique terroir of these ancient vineyards has allowed the family to expand and grow, all the while maintaining and increasing the quality of their wines!


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