Szekszárd, Southern Hungary

Hungary has a rich wine culture and heritage which dates back to the Roman times. Due to their diverse climate and soils, a wide range of wines can be produced in the wine regions – from white wines and full-bodied red wines to the natural dessert wines. Six wine regions can be found in Hungary, each of them having unique characteristics and high quality wines. They also take great pride in their diverse grape varieties. More than 160 grape varieties are grown in the country – besides the numerous international varietals, the winemakers like to work with traditional Hungarian varietals.

As far as the grape varietals are concerned, Kadarka is an old, famous variety in Szekszárd wine region. By today it has become a rarity but its resettlement has already started. Kékfrankos has a rich fragrance, it is a complex, full-bodied wine with high tannin contents. The international varietals are also planted in Szekszárd – excellent Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc wines can be made here. The Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) of Szekszárd is of ancient origin, which is a cuvée made from 4-5 red wines. Alongside Eger only Szekszárd was entitled to use the name Bull’s Blood.

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