Gardet Style

Towards the end of the 19th century, Charles Gardet, a fine merchant, founded the Maison Gardet in Épernay. In the 1930s, his son, Georges Gardet, carried on the family tradition by settling in Chigny-les-Roses to develop the Champagne Gardet brand. Evolving in the wine and arboricultural trades for several generations, and now having the Prieux family as the proud owner. 

Heavily rooted in its original terroir (Champagne), Maison Gardet aims to combine 21st-century technologies with the tradition inherited from the founder of the house to produce champagnes of excellence.


To maintain the quality and uniqueness of its champagnes every year, the House makes the most of the latest technological innovations in hopes to increasingly master each parameter of the Champagne method of winemaking. 

Being a key stage in the transformation of the fruit into heavenly nectar, the winemaking is adapted according to our cuvées to attain a bottle of even more authentic champagne for you.

Quality Environment Nutrition

The House develops its champagnes in accordance with the strict control of the designation of origin, regulations and traditions. Ensuring commitment to the environment and quality by giving their staff the necessary means to implement the quality and food safety policy at all levels of the company.

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