Towards the end of the ’90s, a group of young winemakers arrived in El Bierzo looking for high, steep and old vineyards with poor, slatey soil of which they can reap maximum benefit. 

They recovered an ancient grape variety from old vineyards with a rich legacy and embraced traditional viticulture – manual work with low yield, respecting the “terroir” origin and ageing of wine in oak.

Losada soon established a variety of wines of intrinsic quality and taste, with their top 2 wines, Altos de Losada La Bienquerida 2017 and Losada 2017 ranking amongst the Top 100 of the best Spanish wines by James Suckling 2019 for their 3rd consecutive year.

Grapes Used in the Winemaking

Mencia Grape

Mencía is characterized by its low acidity and high sugar content. It produces wines of scrumptious body and medium-to-high structure, with a soft, velvety mouthfeel. The aromas range from fresh blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants to mature plums, liquorice, exotic, herbs, minerals and more.


Godello is a white wine grape varietal which is undergoing a passionate revival in the North-western wine regions of Spain – which has been re-planted with Godello since the 1970s. The variety also lends itself to blending an excitingly elevating aromatics.

Current research indicates that the grape originates from the banks of the river Río Sil in Galicia and El Bierzo.


Losada 2017 and 2018 starts with plot-by-plot vinification. The hand-picked grapes are rapidly transferred to harvest reception in 20 kg crates. Then moved to the Sorting table followed by de-stemming and light crushing of the grapes. Alcoholic fermentation then begins with the use of indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats with periodic pump-overs.

For Altos de Losada 2019 and Losada Godello 2019, the vinification begins with the simple harvesting of grapes by hand, followed by pre-fermentation by cold-soaking the grapes at 12 degrees Celcius. The grapes are then macerated for around 24 hours. No pressing is required when making these 2 wines.

Last but not least, the Altos de Losada “La Bienquerida” 2017 is made only from a single vineyard named “La Bienquerida”. This vineyard has 3.5 ha and is planted with Mencía vines and others from unknown classification. Hand-picked grapes rapidly transferred to harvest reception in 20 kg crates. It is then sorted, de-stemmed and crushed lightly. Alcoholic fermentation follows suit using indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats with periodic pump-overs.

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