Wine Storage

At Bar A Vin, our state-of-the-art warehouse, boasting both temperature and humidity controls, is yours for the sharing.

Wine Sourcing

Have a preference for a particular wine label? A particular location? A particular vintage? Here at Bar A Vin, it’s all about customizing our services to suit each customer’s individual taste.

Wine Brokerage

For the best in wine brokerage, make Bar A Vin your first stop. Here, we will mediate between you, the customer, and wine retailers.

Corporate Gifts

Looking for the perfect corporate gift? Your search ends here.

Wine Appreciation Courses

Our belief is that a fine wine is one of the first steps in “living dolce vita”. What better way to live the beautiful life, then, by learning to appreciate the nectar of the gods for yourself?

Wine Consultancy

Join forces with our wine consultancy team, to come up with the perfect menus for your F&B businesses

Wedding / Banquet

Ambience is everything. When it comes to wedding and banquet planning, therefore, we at Bar A Vin make it our personal mission to breathe life into your events- and turn special moments into polaroid memories.

Wine Investment

We have over 20 years of operational experience specialising in identifying, in the sourcing, and distribution of fine wines & rare wines.